The Pujin bridge took the type of wood planks affixed to giant iron chains over the river. The chains were anchored securely in huge iron oxen sculptures on the banks. On the again of every ox was a rod to which the chains have been attached. Read extra…After the formation of the P.R.C. a strategic flood defense plan was drawn up with Russian assist.

huang he river

The goal of the operation was to stop the advancing Japanese troops by following a technique of “utilizing water as an alternative choice to soldiers” . The 1938 flood of an area covering fifty four,000 km2 took some 500,000 to 900,000 Chinese lives, along with an unknown number of Japanese soldiers. Between 1851 and 1855, the Yellow River returned to the north amid the floods that provoked the Nien and Taiping Rebellions. The 1887 flood has been estimated to have killed between 900,000 and a couple of million people, and is the second-worst natural catastrophe in historical past . The Yellow River kind of adopted its present course in the course of the 1897 flood.


A flood in 1344 returned the Yellow River south of Shandong. The Yuan dynasty was waning, and the emperor compelled enormous groups to construct new embankments for the river. The horrible conditions helped to gasoline rebellions that led to the founding of the Ming dynasty. The course modified once more in 1391 when the river flooded from Kaifeng to Fengyang in Anhui. It was lastly stabilized by the eunuch Li Xing in the course of the public works projects following the 1494 flood.

The upper drainage basin originates in Ordos Basin and flows by way of quite a few fold belts earlier than reaching the Bohai Gulf. From its supply, the river first flows east by way of deep gorges onto the Ordos Desert and eventually via a relatively young valley in deposits of loamy soil often known as loess. In this portion of its course, the river picks up and carries in suspension yellow silt, which colors the water. The drainage basin has an space of 865,100 sq km and the tributary density is extremely dense, 0.23 km stream length per 500 sq km .

These in particular have become threatened and the fish fauna in many headwaters are actually dominated by launched salmonids. In distinction, the lowermost part of the river and its delta are residence to many brackish water or euryhaline species, like gobies , Asian seabasses, flatfish and Takifugu pufferfish. In the lower reaches, from Zhengzhou, Henan to its mouth, a distance of 786 km , the river is confined to a levee-lined course because it flows to the northeast throughout the North China Plain earlier than emptying into the Bohai Sea. The Huai River Basin, for example, is separated from the Yellow River Basin by the south dike of the Yellow River. The total drop in elevation of the decrease reaches is 93.6 m , with a median grade of zero.012%.

This river provides water to one hundred fifty five million people, and it supports 15% of China’s farmland. The Yellow river will get forty five% of the water from the springs and glaciers of the Qinghai plateau of Tibet. Just just like the Nile river, which helped within the start of Egyptian civilization, the yellow river helped within the delivery of Chinese civilization.

Iron Bridge Of Huang He

Along the Yellow River, there are lots of worthwhile sights and plenty of tourist cities, corresponding to Lanzhou, Zhongwei, Yinchuan, Baotou, Yan’an, Luoyang, Zhengzhou, and Kaifeng. Drought in the Yellow River area has brought serious challenges to agricultural development and the cities near the Yellow River. Top sights of the Yellow River embrace forest parks, deserts, grasslands, the Loess Plateau, historical capitals, and a “chocolate” waterfall.

Major cities alongside the present course of the Yellow River embody Lanzhou, Yinchuan, Wuhai, Baotou, Luoyang, Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, and Jinan. Before trendy dams got here to China, the Yellow River was once extremely prone to flooding. In the 2,540 years from 595 BC to 1946 AD, the Yellow River has been reckoned to have flooded 1,593 instances, shifting its course 26 instances noticeably and nine times severely. These floods embrace a few of the deadliest natural disasters ever recorded. Before trendy disaster administration, when floods occurred, some of the population would possibly initially die from drowning but then many extra would endure from the ensuing famine and unfold of diseases. One of its older Mongolian names was the “Black River”, as a result of the river runs clear before it enters the Loess Plateau, but the current name of the river among Inner Mongolians is Ȟatan Gol (Хатан гол, “Queen River”).

Map of the Yellow River with approximate borders of its basin.

One is in the Yellow River’s headwaters on the Qinghai-Sichuan border that requires tunneling via mountains. The second route heads north via Hubei and the final one follows the course of the old Grand Canal over its abandoned section. The total price shall be over thrice that of the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangzi.

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